Who is Kuei Kuei? Edit

Kuei Kuei, born August 24th 2000, is a social media guru from Australia.

Name: Kuei Kuei                                                           age: 17

He is best known for his Vines which accumulated him over 400,000 followers before the application was sadly shut down.He is now known for his Facebook page where he post video content from around the internet, contributing to the viral community. As shown below are an example of his numerous vines and YouTube Videos

Early Life Edit

Kuei Kuei was born on the 24th of August 2000, in South Sudan.He was raised in South Sudan before he moved to Australia with his aunt in 2003. In his early life he attended Elizabeth East Primary School where he completed his R-7 schooling. He is currently attending Trinity College Senior School where he will graduate in 2018.

After Vine Edit

In the final of days of vine it was quite evident that not much users were on the once viral application. In this sense Kuei Kuei's last vine was in April 2016, a whole year without a new video. Kuei Kuei was well aware of this and moved his assets to Facebook, a social media application which he has completely taken over. His Facebook pages reach around 20 million views weekly. But with this viral nature, this is not making Facebook happy as 5 of his Facebook pages have been taken down multiple times. This could be because he doesn't use Facebook advertisements like other similar pages.

Music Career Edit

Kuei Kuei (spotify) has made music for around 5 years, he is not mostly known for his music but he has made a few EDM mixes. Such as WE BECAME FRIENDS - Darius Harmon. He also has two separate albums

Don't Leave me - Samuel Ray Carroll 

  • Don't Leave me (Single) ft. Samuel Ray Carroll

Don't leave me - Deluxe edition 

  • Pirate - EDM
  • Pokemon Go on my phone
  • Life
  • Eyes on you

Acting Career Edit

Kuei Kuei has invested in his acting career as reportedly he has signed up for Ann peter's Acting School. This is a smart decision as Ann Peter is a highly talented actor and her skills could be used for the better. Kuei Kuei has stared in multiple short films such as Not what i have, who i am, Bamboozled  and many more.

Artistry Edit

Other than Music and acting Kuei Kuei can also social media market very well

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Official Facebook Page

Official Twitter

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